Some people think children should have the freedom to make mistakes, while other people believe that adults should prevent children from making mistakes. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Although some people believe children could need more freedom to make mistakes, others agree with the opposite idea. Oversights make part of life and they can have not only negative results but also sometimes positive results helping to understand some means and whys. And mistakes can be made at any moment of life, childhood or adulthood. This essay will discuss both sides and I will explain my opinion about infants can have the opportunity to make some inaccuracies. 

On the one hand, some individuals claim adults should prevent some faults of kids. Whereas deceptions make part of growth and they can be an extraordinary chance to change, with orientations and all careful, kids should be free to grow up without responsibilities so strict. For example, a child who never make mistake during childhood will be an adult completely frustrated and unsafe about himself. Individuals can and must prevent serious and dangerous activities which can lead to irreversible consequences, once is an obligation to promote the safety of children. The less chance to practice failure and successes, the more hardship to become a well-developed adult. 

On the other hand, childhood is a moment completely full of information with new experiences and different approaches, in other words, children are learning about themselves and issues of the world. For this reason, is ordinary and acceptable the presence of small deceptions. In addition, this presence promotes not only new knowledge but also great opportunities to change and perhaps never make the same oversights again. For instance, researchers endorse that infants should learn by themselves some aspects of life, once this can help them to have more confidence and creativity to tackle mistakes. Spoiled infants suffer from anxiety and problems related to self-esteem. The more chances to comprehend with faults, the more confidence and practical skills they will have. Therefore, my opinion is kids should have the freedom to learn from their oversights because is an opportunity to grown-up. Adults can supervise and orientate their best way.

In conclusion, deceptions make part of our days and they should be practiced with supervision. I believe adults should give youths the freedom to make them with orientation and responsibility. This essay argued about both sides and I explained in detail my opinion.

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