Some people think city planners should create more green spaces and plant trees. Others believe that they should focus on building new houses. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is believed by some that while developing the cities, a major portion of the area must be allocated to greenery while others think that they should fully concentrate on the development of residential areas. In my opinion, I strongly believe that an accommodation must be preferred as it solves the issue of housing.

On the one hand, It is believed that trees and green plants play an essential role in maintaining the health and well-being of townfolks.

In other words

, green space inhales the carbon dioxide from the environment and make it a suitable place for people to reside without having any health issues.

For instance

, Moscow is one of the healthiest city in the world to reside because of the allocation of its major areas to greenery.


, Flowers and shrubs increase the grace of a city and make it liveable and fascinating.That_s why citizens are in a favour of allocation of more space for plantation purposes.

On the other hand

, Housing issues have been arisen because of the high population which are eventually putting the society in trouble of finding an affordable residency.

In other words

, a new generation is migrating to cities in order to earn their living and in search of better jobs and a better lifestyle, so they must be provided with suitable housing to survive



issue might make them homeless.

For example

, Sydney requires more apartments in order to provide accommodation as a major portion of the population of Australia resides there.




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onstruction of more houses will turn the housing affordable and leave with options to choose from in order to match their budget. That_s why it is very beneficial for city planners to concentrate more on the development of new residential areas.

To conclude, I strongly believe that housing must be preferred as it would solve the tremendous problem of mankind. It is the responsibility of the government to allocate a major portion of land for constructing houses.

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