Some people think it is good to raise children in a city. Others argue that it is better for children to grow up in the countryside. Discuss both views and give your opinion..

There is no doubt that children need a healthy environment to grow up. According to some, they should be brought up in cities, while others disagree. They believe that childhood should be spent far away from cities, preferably in the countryside. In my opinion, even though cities offer many facilities, growing up in a small town does have more benefits.

Cities are preferred by parents nowadays because of the amenities which are easily available there.

For example

, international educational institutes and various entertainment centres like amusement parks, malls are abundant in big cities. These schools and universities are usually helpful for children to get world class education, which often results in securing a high paying job in the future. Parents


get more choices of places to take their children to for fun activities. Without


exposure, it tends to become difficult for kids to have a successful life.


, cities can play an important role in young people_s life.


, the toxic environment of those cities is severely harmful for the younger generation which is one of the main reasons why many people support raising their children in the countryside. Vast greenery, clear sky and lesser

traffic let

traffic, let

them play in the open without any side effects.


, these kids are often kinder than those from cities.

For instance

, these children had farm animals around them while growing up, and were often involved with taking care of them along with their parents.


helped them to be more compassionate towards animals. A person who only interacted with animals kept in a zoo will certainly be less sensitive towards any other species.


, it helps to raise healthier children with humanitarian values and morals.

In conclusion, it will not be a complete evaluation of which place is better, if we only consider how they will be able to provide a career which will help them to earn a lot of money. The side effects of incessant pollution of cities should


be taken into consideration. Keeping in mind the health benefits, according to me, parents should consider a more friendly environment for their future generation, so that they can grow up to not only be a successful person, but


a good human being.

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