Some people think it is more important to plant more trees in open areas in towns and cities than provide more housing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is a contentious argument over whether to plant


or build more housing in the open surroundings in urban. Personally, I completely agree with the former, because


play a significant role in the management of


pollution and overpopulation.


essay will address my opinion and their relevant examples.

The main reason why I believe the cultivation of


is far more substantial than the building of homes is that


can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and will be released more into the


. In consequence,


pollution which has been turned into a serious problem in many metropolitan cities and towns will be plunged.

In addition

, another reason why I advocate the notion is that if the number of houses is decreased, the urban population will be organised wisely. A good example is some places where the houses have stayed in the old style and structure and fewer


can inhabit there.

On the other hand



, it is true that being affordable can be concluded by increasing the number of apartments, the building of housing is becoming increasingly serious in many nations.


, more and more


particularly the younger emigrate to these sites. What I mean by


is that the subsequent repercussions will be concluded.

For example

, the unemployment problem has been contributed significantly by increasing the number of


who have been residing in multicultural cities.

In conclusion, a premium is placed on tree cultivation, due to the fact that reducing


contamination and the management of


numbers will be more effective. For the reasons I have mentioned above, I accept


tendency and disagree with more buildings in the open spaces. It seems to me that the investment in smaller cities for constructing their apartments would have an outstanding future.

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