Some people think museums should be enjoyable places and entertain young people. Others think the purpose of museums is to educate, not entertain. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

There are separate ideas about the fundamental purpose of museums. Some people believe that museums should entertain young individuals by providing a joyful and entertainment environment.

In contrast

, others reckon the primary, and merely goal of museums should be educational approaches. In the essay below, I will examine both views and give my personal perspective.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that museums are a rich and invaluable treasure for education purposes. There are a wide variety of museums,


as archaeological museums, which is by far the most common and critical types of museums, historical, science and technology, and art and gallery museums. It means museums are a radical (original) and crucial source of knowledge and education.


, these pieces of art and treasures can provide accurate and reliable knowledge and experience visually. It is proven that any books or short video documentary cannot convey information


ways museums can. Because it enables visitors to roam around the museum and see, feel, and even read comprehensively regarding what has occurred in the previous eras in historical museums and what is happening in the extraordinary and admirable world of technologies in scientific ones.

On the other hand

, museums can be considered one of the most beneficial and instructive sorts of recreational activities. A number of marvellous and inspiring exhibitions in diverse subjects are held in museums worldwide, annually.


, these golden and valuable environments are the best and the most distinguished places to bring families and friends together to visit and spend


quality and joyful time together.

To sum up,


people attend museums with different aims, it can be educational and research achievements or spending quality and a good time as leisure and pastime activity. I am convinced that museums are the most appropriate atmosphere and caters for fulfilling both tendencies and demands.

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