Some people think that advertisements are good for the society whereas others oppose this view. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

It is clear that advertising has become an integral part of modern life in almost all its spheres and



has both negative and positive effects on our society. In


essay, I will consider both points of view.


, I will discuss why the general public can be in favour of the advertisements.


, I will explore why reclama should be limited.

On one hand, to start a successful business an individual entrepreneur cannot do without advertising his product, orit will lead his startup to death. Promoting on social media like Instagram or YouTube helps introduce people to what an individual is selling.

For instance

, global corporations spend huge amounts of money on all sorts of advertising, so the whole world knows about them.

In addition

, many consumers do not receive information about useful products that are currently being created.


, start-up companies must promote their products and services to demonstrate the value of what they sell.

On the other hand

, it is


true that advertising makes the general public dependent on material goods.


, it creates models or standards for us and when we do not own something which is shown on TV we get depressed and dissatisfied with our life conditions.

For example

, brands like Samsung and Apple force people to buy their appliances because they are in trend.


, a great number of things promoted do not bring real benefits to those who buy them. It is very good exemplified by beer advertisements and it misleads an individual with slogans


as: «beer for real men». Obviously, it is destructive for human beings.

In conclusion, we can see that advertisements are useful in our modern world and everybody needs it, both seller and buyer but at the same time they can cause serious problems which have been explored by me above.

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