Some people think that children who spend alot of time reading children_s story books are wasting their time which could be better used doing other more useful activities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Every child likes to read comic


,But it is considered by many that the pupil should not read a lot of storybooks,it is waste of time.


of ,


they should do some adventure activities.I disagree with the notion to a large extent,my viewpoint will be elaborated



To begin

with, there are many Merits of reading foremost one is reading storybooks at an early age will improve a child”s learning ability.To explain it,regarding it they can learn a new vocabulary,new words,


improve reading speed.Stduent can improve grammer skill.


,reading makes them good decisions makers well as gives a lot of knowledge.

For example

, the famous writer Luis mark had read thousands of


in childhood after that he becomes a good writer.


, storybook gives a peace of mind. Explicate it,after ,all day studying subjects


as science,history as well as math makes them tired.




make them relaxed and fresh.

For instance

, a majority of pupils have found that comic


give them more happiness rather than an outdoor activity.

On the other hand

,it has some demerits.


if a child does not know the proper reading method and put book near eyes it might be damage eyes and cause of glasses.


, the result gets affected by too much reading,if they would put all times on story maybe they cannot put focus on school subjects.

For instance

, the survey was revealed in 2020,60% of children are spending more than 5hours reading comedy


they get fewer marks in exams.

To sum up, many people find it storybook is not good for students,it can take.But I largely believe that it is the best way to get relax

as a result

, it gives lots of knowledge,vocabulary,learning skill.

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