Some people think that exams are a good way of assessing a student_s level. Other people believe that they put unnecessary pressure on young learner and tell us very little about theri acutal ability. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Some people have a view that exams are an excellent way to assess students_ performance, while others hold the opposite view. There are arguments on both sides,


, which we will discuss here.

There are several reasons why people think exams are just a waste of time.


, exams are responsible for stress. Students tend to spend long hours studying for exam

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mental tension and stress.


, a mere one-hour test is insufficient to judge the full potential of a pupil. In a course, students learn a myriad amount of information,


, in a quiz, only a handful of questions are asked which is not sufficient to evaluate a test taker.


, there is a question mark in the credibility of the test itself. A common trend in schools where students are given important questions before the exam makes the significance of the examination a debatable topic in itself.


, the formal examination is a proven way to assess the performance of pupils. Even though there are other techniques of assessments


as continuous assessment or term projects, these methods are not effective because of the high possibilities of plagiarism involved.


, educational



have regarded exams as a standard for marking students on their academic abilities as


method tends to be fair and time-efficient.


, a study conducted by Oxford University demonstrated that formal examinations are superior in evaluating the capabilities of students than other forms,


, they decided to make it an integral part of their curriculum.

In conclusion, it would appear that even though there are some drawbacks to using the exam as a tool to assess students, definitely the pros outweigh the cons. In my opinion, exams will continue to remain as a primary method to evaluate students in educational institutes.

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