Some people think that government should ban dangerous sports while others think people should have freedom to do any sports or activity. Discuss both view and give your opinion

Nowadays, people all around the world are paying a lot of attention to free time activities, hobbies and active holidays. Some sports that are regularly practiced result in injuries and health problems. One


of people thinks that dangerous sports have to be prohibited. Another




, is convinced that a freedom to do anything must be absolute.


essay is going to discuss both opinions.


of all, dangerous sports can lead to injuries, even fatal consequences. Sports like bungee jumping, skydiving, parachute jumping, scuba-diving and other are risky as the probability of bad cases is considerable. Adventurous people, who are seeking emotions tend to try these sports without taking into account safety of the equipment and overall numbers of deaths or injuries. To minimize these numbers every organization responsible for performance of


activities has to be approved and thoroughly checked. If violations of safety rules and measures are violated, these organizations need to be forced to close and the sports that they provide have to be banned.



on the other hand

, people are free to choose any


and any activity that they would like to do, starting from doing drama and ending up with parachute jumping. Freedom to do anything has to be considered and practiced worldwide. Those, who are willing to try something adventurous need to be given the choice and the opportunity to do it. Physical state of people may vary, some people like mountain hiking and appear to be


enthusiasts. Whereas some people hardly run 2 kilometres. The



resistant to pressure and taking responsibilities for everything that might happen after doing dangerous sports should be able to do




To sum up, sports are different and there are numerous dangerous ones. Personally, I support the



, which holds the opinion that people should be able to choose any


and do any


. Of course, preparation has to be performed and the companies providing these sports need to be analysed. In the future, if the system of checking physical conditions of people looking for adventures develops, in my opinion, people will have the freedom to choose and numbers of bad consequences will diminish.

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