Some people think that government should invest more money in teaching science than other subjects in order for a country to develop and progress. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education in


day and age is indispensable and contributes to the growth and prosperity of a nation.


, countries need to invest heavily in the education sector, because it is a sector that will reap great dividends.


, some sections of society believe that more of the administrations_ funds must be invested in the sciences as compared to other subjects. I do not agree with the notion and will substantiate my reasoning in the course of




and foremost, with all the diseases that are being borne into various communities, it is vital that people are educated in the sciences, so that they will be able to help identify the type of diseases and in turn develop a vaccine for it. An instance of


can be seen in the current pandemic. The only reason that vaccines were developed as fast as they were, was because of the advancements in the science fields.

Alternately, society is built on various skills and contributions from the citizens which help to develop a nation.


can range from a simple thing, as an individual keeping a track of his budget, to another learning a language. Globalisation has created a situation where many multinational companies are setting up their offices overseas with a view of tapping into unopened markets.


, if people can learn the language of the company, they can get jobs that help the economy grow.

In conclusion, whilst the emergence of science is an important sector in the development of a society, it is not the sole area of a kingdom_s development,


the ministry needs to invest equally in all sectors for the growth of the economy.

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