Some people think that government should provide funds to the sportsman while other opine that private institutions should support them. Do you agree or disagree

Many believe that ruling authorities should provide funds to athletes while some believe that private companies should support the sports environment. In my opinion, I tend to agree that it is a responsibility of ruling authority to provide funds to sportsmen to encourage the sports environment.


, I


believe that private institutions should sponsor the domestic tournaments to encourage the sports in the country.

To begin

with, sports should be encouraged from grass level. The governance body should allocate resources to school sports fund as well as take care of those sportsmen, who are performing at top level,

For instance

, if a boy is good at some kind of sports, the government should take the responsibility of developing him. For the professionals, it is important that they will get rewarded for their excellent performance and with the support of the government, it will enhance healthier environment for the upcoming players. To sum up the it should be the priority of the government to finance athletes.

In terms of private companies, both national and international companies should take an interest in sports and they should sponsor the domestic tournaments as well as international tournaments.


, It will be beneficial for both players and companies who want to market their company products.

For example

, Pepsi is sponsoring different teams, including Pakistan cricket team as cricket is watched by millions of people, which directly increase the marketing purposes for the brand. To conclude that private companies should


help with funding of sportsmen.

In conclusion, the ruling authority should take full responsibility to take care of the players to enhance the career growth of sportsmen as well as to hire foreign coaches to flourish their skills while in terms of private companies, they should sponsor teams to encourage sports.

In other words

, both administration and private institutions should promote the sports culture.

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