Some people think that keeping pets is good for children while others think it is dangerous and unhealthy . which opinion do you agree with? discuss both view give examples.

There is an increasing trend of children owning their own pets. Those who keep these pets do so mostly for companionship.


, many people think


is dangerous and unhealthy for children while others think


trend is very important and an integral part of a child_s development. In


essay, both views will be discussed.

On one hand, parents who allow their wards to keep pets do so to teach them responsibility and companionship.

For instance

, children who have dogs have to take them on walks and care for them and in return,


dogs serves as their friend.


teaches them independence and good self-esteem knowing that they are responsible and loved regardless.


, staying around animals can be good for the offspring_s health as it prevents certain allergies. To


end, I think animals may be best for a child_s esteem and health.

On the other hand

, these animals can be dangerous to health and life.

For example

, there are shreds of evidence of kids bitten by rabid canines, leading to loss of life, so


, kissing infected companions. Because minors don_t recognise when they are sick, they got close to them and endanger themselves.

As a result

, it is best to keep toddlers away to keep safe.

To conclude, having discussed both sides, it is obvious that they both have good reasons.


, I support allowing one_s baby to own a pet if they want. There are many advantages to it and one can not shield a child from every danger.

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