Some people think that new technology always improves the lives of workers. Other people believe that it results in disadvantages for workers. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

In the modern world, technology becomes a necessary part of our lives. Some believe automation is always helping employers to make their work-life easier while others think there are drawbacks in


trend. Throughout


essay, I will talk about both sides and give my personal opinion.

On the one hand, high-tech devices can help workers to upgrade their lives and make their task easier because of the convenience of these products. To explain more, doing a whole lot of work through your mobile is convenient. Working from home concept becomes easier with the latest technology and it could save your time and travelling cost.

For example

, my husband was able to work from home during the pandemic since he was able to communicate via computers and mobile phone with his management.


, it is certain that these new tech devices could bring some advantages to employees.

On the other hand

,one of the main disadvantages of


trend is workers can lose their jobs due to the latest automation. To clear up, online shopping become a common thing these days. Without going to a store people can purchase stuff they need through the internet. Because of that companies either remove some of their team members or business can completely shut down.


, there will be less opening for new vacancies for people who seek new employment.

For instance

, my sister lost her job


summer because management decided to close the store due to the increase of web shopping and she struggled half a year to find a new one.



as a result

of the newest automation,it can create some drawbacks to staff members.

To sum up, even though, the convenience of present technology help to improve the lives of workers,in my point of view I think there are more disadvantages


as fewer job openings and staff can lose their employments.

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