Some people think that one of the best ways to solve environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuels for cars and other vehicles. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A polluted habitat is one of the biggest problems facing our human species. Some people think that increasing the price of fuel used in four-wheelers and other means of transit may be the most effective way to combat the growing pollution. I agree with


but still, I think there are other ways to deal with the rising pollution.

To begin

with, the increase in fuel prices will certainly have an impact on the usage of automobile and other means of transportation. The purpose of means of transportation,


as cars, has become common for us, as harmful gases


as carbon dioxide and nitrogen are eroding in


pure habitat, a gift from nature. Increasing the price of oil used in them will definitely reduce it to some extent.


, it will


benefit the authority exchequers that will apparently benefit the development of the poor people and organisations.

In addition

, if the ministry cooperates in increasing the handling of other energy sources


as solar and wind efficiency, the issue of a polluted climate can be overcome. The authority should motivate the people to make maximum usage of


kind of power.

In addition

, the ministry should invest more in its regime coffers to build an automobile that runs on natural spirit.

As a result

, the handling of these modes of transportation will increase automatically.

In conclusion, I believe that raising the prices of fuel and oil products, which are used in the operation of wagons, may work to some extent, but

in addition

, the regime should pay attention to the usage of natural efficiency


, our surroundings will be less polluted and human beings will be able to live their life in a better way.

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