Some people think that paying taxes is a big enough contribution to society, while others think people have more responsibilities as a member of society than only paying taxes. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, expenses are priceless help to improve social life better. Some nations claim that paying fines is a big contribution to humanity while others think that human beings do have more duties as a part of an association rather than only paying tariffs. I believe that individuals should feel their own obligations as a representative of society


as doing some volunteer work, donate income to habitats that live in poor conditions.

To start with, on one side of the debate are those habitats who argue that paying duty often aid in the development of our country.

For example

, the government can invest in the development of infrastructure and industries.

In addition



can help the disabled, retired or unemployed population because the local authorities can pay their monthly payments.

On the other hand

, there are other populations who claim that individuals should feel their duties as a part of the social nation despite paying duty.

For instance

, there is no doubt that human beings have so important missions to do for improving social life, as well as the company,should do volunteer work


as cleaning the outside of living accommodations once a week, planting trees and flowers along the street of their hometown.


, citizens can donate money for the treatment of kids who are diagnosed with cancer or deliver daily foods and drinks to the crowd who live in poor conditions.

In a nutshell, Paying duty is obligatory for citizens due to the improvement of our social life.


the public should help each other when that public is required financial or moral help.From my perspective, paying fines is the


step of doing own obligations as a member of society.

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