Some people think that staying in hotels is not a good option to know about a country or its people. What do you think about this viewpoint?

Some people believe that


accommodation is not the right choice if one wants to learn about a country_s culture.


, along with the availability of luxurious facilities, the company of other tourists and tie-ups with tourist guides, one can better explore the


with hotels.

To begin

with, according to some people, hotels are not the right places to gain knowledge about a nation_s wealth of tradition. They think so because they find living in houses in the society as the better way of knowing the true essence of a country. By staying in rooms or rental apartments in the society, one is actually living among the foreign country_s people where they can watch them celebrating festivals and performing the rituals.

For example

, foreign tourists can learn about how Diwali is celebrated in India by socializing with the people, being their neighbours.

On the other hand

, living in hotels can


not be the worst option of discovering a


. When foreigners stay in hotels, they are able to enjoy all the luxurious facilities to enjoy a comfortable stay while they can be accompanied by other tourists to discover the


. Apart from


, they


get help from tourist guides who have tie-ups with hotels and who can explain them all the details about a



For instance



guides assist the visitors staying in hotels who like to know the history behind the historic


, Taj Mahal.

Conclusively, some people do not believe


stay as the appropriate choice for exploring a country, but in my opinion, it is as good as living in houses and can be really advantageous with comfortable living they provide and availability of


guides who assist the tourists in discovering the region in a better way.

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