Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and this money could be better spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

As an opinion of some people the government is using the money on necessary items on craft products.


, I agree to it on a some extent,


the olden profession represents the history of our nation.

For instance

, if it is not cherished by the people in the country,


the amount invested in it should be used elsewhere where it is more beneficial and is


appreciated by the people. Even though I believe the ancient artwork portrays the intelligence and creativity that was alive during those times.

In addition

, it brings calmness in one_s nature and make people think out of the box and give them a platform to display their talent in any manner. Through artistry one can speak their hearts out


in my review it should be preserved and


encourage the young ones to do more.

I agree that it is not as profitable in financial terms as we look through it in a business point of view. I think there should be a foundation made and handled by the government for it and events should be conducted under it with the money they have gained from the people to preserve it.

For example

, it should be prioritized that the necessary items that are needed in the nation should come



furthermore they

Accept comma addition
furthermore, they

should decrease the rate of poverty and


support art. The regular supplements shouldn_t be replaced with a luxury. It contrasts in every situation and the institution should work


and take the side which is more heavier according to the condition and hope to keep a balance between both.

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