Some people think that the most important thing about being rich is it gives a person the opportunity to help other people. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

According to a set of individuals, the indispensable aspect of having wealth is that they can lend a hand to the individuals who require help in any situation. I support the given view.The following paragraphs would include the reasons for my inclination.

To begin

with, the population who are devoided of wealth, can not even look after themselves and have to do a lot of hard work to even eat once a day.

As a result

, even if they want to stand by others when others need some kind of financial help , they cannot afford it.These type of situations decrease their self-confidence.

For instance

, even if they want to help a beggar they cannot do that because of their financial status.

Alternatively, people having an enormous amount of money can do a lot of things. Importantly, they can help other individuals in terms of money.


means that if they have a lending heart , they can pay for others in many ways without looking back.

For example

, wealthy persons can provide shelter to the people in the slum areas by building at least a room for each of them. As a consequence,that these poor people can shift from huts to houses.In


a way they get a chance of proving their humanity.

To conclude, being rich is truly beneficial for persons with golden hearts who never step back to help someone.


,I am more inclined towards the given statement.

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