Some people think the government should increase the cost of fuel for cars and other vehicles in order to solve environmental problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

The number of new vehicles being drawn into the road every day is increasing exponentially, due to which, more damage is done to the environment in terms of pollution. Few are of the opinion that, these environmental issues can be overcome by increasing the cost of fuel by the government. I do not agree with the above statement completely and I shall examine different aspects of it in the following paragraphs.


, there is a possibility of creating an awareness of renewable resources by increasing their price, I am of the opinion that it will not


long. Cost had always been rising for the decades,

for example

, ten years back, one litre of petrol costed 30 rupees and now it is 73; the number of vehicles did not come down at all. The Government


must think of other ways of solving issues caused by commuting mediums.
Since most of the transportation mediums use exhaustible resources, a strict legislature must be brought in, which mandates the vehicles which use renewable sources.


will not only brings down the impact on our planet, but


gives a possibility of restoration of exhaustible sources. Officials should make sure that these legislative changes are enforced at the grass level.
In conclusion, I pin down my thought, saying that a control on the climatic problems cannot be brought in, unless the government decides to do so. Making these fossil fuels expensive does not fetch us good results as people will learn to afford them.

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