Some people think The mental strength important for success in sports while others believe that is it more important to have strong and fit people in sports. Discuss both views and give opinion.

In the world of competitive sports, coaches and sports specialists have been attempted to identify all defining factors for an athlete to succeed in


field. While many people believe that physical strength is the primary element of winning in sports, others emphasize the willpower. Both of the schools of thought hold valid arguments which will be discussed in


essay. Personally, I think these strengths should equally be put into account to enhance one_s achievement in sports.


and foremost, there is a rule of thumb that physiques and fitness is the primary factor in selecting and coaching athletes.

For example

, all the most successful NBA players show great physical dominance and consider it as their major advantage to defeat other players in the league.

In addition

, without physical strength, the strategies would not be able to be executed nicely and precisely.

As a result

, a team would lose the game owing to the lack of


necessary factor.


, it is proven that psychological factors associated with physical performance. The history of the Olympic Games witnessed many sportsmen coming so close to the glory yet mentally collapsed.


, because sports are extremely competitive, competitors are required to practice diligently daily. In most cases, athletes are unlikely to fully reach their potential with the absence of will power, which enables them to carry out through the hard-working practices.

In conclusion, both physical and mental strength plays essential parts in competitive sports. In my opinion, to be successful in


field, athletes and coaches need to figure out how to integrate these two winning defining factors.

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