Some people think the use of social media is replacing face-to-face interaction among many people in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The 21st century saw a sensation created by social media. Acting upon one another from any given distance is no longer a nut.


, a group of people believe that social media is driving humans away from eyeball-to-eyeball interaction with each other. From my standpoint, I strongly dissent from the given belief.


essay is going to expatiate upon my opinion.


and foremost, online communication can never replace direct social interaction. Social platforms emerged with the aim to bring about a communication network between users.


, as it seems, might outmanoeuvre the old-fashioned way of talking to people.


, no matter how big social media can thrive, people would still prefer to meet and greet.

For example

, couples nowadays usually get to know each other on platforms,


an established custom

they will try to date and have physical interactions as much as possible. Eminently, during the COVID-19 lockdown, one could see complaints about not having the permission to meet up being posted ubiquitously on almost every online news feed.


online communication is only a

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a substitute method of human_s communion.


, the use of social platforms encloses and persuade individuals to have physical communications.The aforementioned couples example in the previous paragraph




theoretical point, but the following


an item of information that is typical of a class or group

help to ground it


. By using social network applications and websites, one should be able to throw a party, plan a picnic or just hook his or her friends up for a drink with ease. In fact, real-time social interactions have never been easier since the birth of those platforms.

On the other side of the penny, some hold a grudge against social media in fear of they will soon overtake need of social interactions with other beings and humans will going to be couch potatoes and stuck in their bedroom.




fear is less and irrational. The characteristic they have mentioned is called ‘introvert_ and because it is a personality, there are people like


at any when about, not just the era of social network usage alone.

Thus whether

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Thus, whether

there are social platforms or not, introverts will want to minimize physical communications and extroverts will want to go outside. The given statement is just a timeless legerdemain created by


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to brag about their generation. Ten years ago, they put the blame on TV, video games, now they put it on social media.

To sum up, social media does not abate human_s skill to commute socially with others.


, it still has severely major downsides if not used carefully. If it is used correctly like its premise, the benefĂ­ts are enormous, people have enclosed the


, which is a major achievement in the human history


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