Some people work for the same organization all their working life. Others think that it is better to work for different organizations. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Many people have many views about that it has some benefits if some individuals should work for the same workplace all their life to some extent. while I still believe that it is more beneficial to performance for distinct companies.

On the one hand,there are many advantages when people do a long time in one place .In terms of career, employees seem to illustrate their loyal to business and employers and


they will get the company`s recognition even they started with a lower position .

As a result

, they can have again step by step to get promotions and lucrative income .


, working together for a long time, workers are more understand each other and easily collaborate and cooperate in their tasks and duties leading to creating as much as productive in their jobs , especially for those who do in line at factories .

On the other hand

, I still support that change can make people could be becoming developed .


, employers have access to more and better jobs and they tend to earn higher salaries than staying in their old positions.

For example

, employees seem to pay insignificant salaries for folk who just graduated from university and after a couple of years their wages seem to remain unchanged,


, if they change to another workplace , they can negotiate with the owner of the companies and can gain expected salary.


, working in different companies they would study new things from the new boss, colleagues and clients regarding the culture of the business, personalities and other things from the field which


firm drives .

For instance

, when they worked in a medical company they can be master an aspect of the medical field when they work in a service firm which brings experience in dealing with tough situations.

For the reasons mentioned above, it seems to me that individuals should change their job several times and


they can be stable with a business to the suit them.

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