Students should choose a university major that prepares them for high-paying careers. To what extend do you agree with this statement.

The education and employment rate has changed a lot in the


couple of years. Many Undergraduates are now thinking to pursue higher education in colleges, that can train them for affluent salaries.


, a wealthy lifestyle is much more important nowadays,


, I disagree with the above statement and I will outline both arguments, and provide my opinion in the following essay.

Affluent income brings wealth for the future and for future generations. With High ,salaried individuals can buy things they want and can fulfil the desires of their families.

For example

, if parents_ salaries are high students can go for better education in good colleges, which will help them to achieve higher goals. Universities help students to provide good placements in big companies.


, choosing a high-end university can be a brilliant idea to bring fortune in future.


, there are certain factors that can bring high salaries, even though, one is not studying in major universities.




can bring any business down to the top. If there is a


inside a person to do something, there can reach the goal where they want, does no matter which college he studied. To illustrate it more, A writer who has the


to write can write far better than a content writer who is working, unsatisfactory in a 9 am to 5 pm job, only for a few errands. If one does not have a




, one may end up with mental illness and stress-related problems. Another Major factor is satisfaction. Satisfaction not only brings a healthy mindset but only increases efficiency in



As a result

, Individuals can bring more power to


and can bring more money into their life.

In conclusion, Students believe that major colleges with


Change the verb form

The verb provide may be in the wrong form after the preposition with. Consider changing it to the gerund form.

show examples

high income are a wonderful choice. In my view, if a person has a




, they can increase the business from low to top, no matter which university they studied.

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