Students should pay the full cost of their own study because university education benefits individual rather than society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Whether college attendees are obligated to fully cover their tuition fees or not has been a perennial debate of the general public. Some assert that they are responsible for


payment because universities are designated for their own sake. From my perspective, I contend that


school of thought is absolutely flawed for several following reasons.

In the


place, it would be imprudent to force all university students to utterly pay the tertiary educational costs. The justification is that many talented and outstanding high school leavers stand no chance of enrolling at universities due to their poor socioeconomic backgrounds.


, they have to do monotonous and low-paid manual occupations to make ends meet and squander the chance to contribute more to social development.


could be an absolute waste of potential educated workforce unless they would have been entitled to proper free-of-charge tertiary schooling.

With respect to the favourable outcomes that higher education engenders, I am convinced that they are both personally and socially beneficial. Indeed, on the individual level, being bachelor_s degree holders is synonymous with more employment opportunities being opened up for graduates. Nowadays, a great number of employers have a tendency to offer higher paid jobs to those who have finished formal university education. With regard to social impact, a higher college enrollment rate means a larger number of educated and civilized citizens in many different areas.

In other words

, these graduates could each play a part in constructing a more flourishing society in many aspects,

for example

, economy or education.

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that students are not necessarily under any obligation to wholly pay their tuition fees on their own since


tertiary schooling is advantageous for both individuals and society as a whole.

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