Studies show that many people in the prison have low level of education. For this reason, some people believe that the best way to reduce crime is to educate in prison, so that they can get a job when they leave prison. To what extent do you agree.

Because many research surveys elucidate insufficient


of prisoners, some individuals believe that educating prisoners would be the best solution due to the avenues opened by it. I completely agree with


opinion because of the rise in their employability and the morals that are getting imbibed with the help of



To begin

with, in-prison classes would make the criminals employable by sharpening their skills on several crafts.


is because after learning to make money using the new techniques, they would be more open to find a job


of committing crimes. Their openness, coupled with their honed


skill set

, would be the best way to rehabilitate them in the society.

For example

, many prisoners in India are starting their own businesses on account of entrepreneurial classes that are provided in jail.


, because of the rising employability teaching them in prison could assist them to survive afterwards.




can have a significant impact on their choices in the future. The reason for


is the invaluable morals taught during the class can make them realize the adverse effects committing a crime has on their intellect and the society.


realization has a potential to drastically reduce the crime rate in the cities.

For instance

, a recent article illustrated that the number of crimes plummeted notably in Las Vegas when the officials enforced ethical


during the prison time.


, ethical teachings can affect criminals_ life choices because of them realizing the consequences.

In conclusion, some criminal psychologists argue that the most important option for the rehabilitation of convicts is to educate them. In my opinion, it is undoubtedly the best possible action because of the financial empowerment and responsible


manner of acting or controlling yourself

that is

inculcated during


learning period.

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