Success is often measured by wealth and material belongings. Do you think wealth is the best measure for success? What makes a successful person?

These days, riches and materialistic possessions are the foremost factors, by which success is calculated. In my opinion, just wealth does too little to classify an individual as successful. I believe, the ability to achieve


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counts as a better measure for prosperity in life.

I believe that wealth is not the best measure of one_s successful life, as it does little to define a person_s achievements. It is possible that the monies an individual has, are inherited from the ancestors and


do not mean that the person is capable of earning it on their own. Many


examples have been observed in the business circle, wherein young children of wealthy businessmen have failed in established businesses due to their lack of ability to achieve. If having money was the criteria for advancement, none of the rich people would ever be unsuccessful.


, in order to be successful, one must be able to achieve things on their own. Regardless of all the difficulties faced, when a person conquers goals and targets, it reflects a strong go-getter attitude which in my view defines success. An example of


would be the Indian businessman Dhirubhai Ambani, who rose from poverty and financial troubles to be one of the top businessmen in India through achieving goals that seemed impossible to achieve.

To conclude, despite the fact that majority of the people entertain the idea of earning a lot of wealth or attaining a lot of materials as the measurement of advance, in my opinion,it is more important to be able to accomplish milestones to be termed a success.

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