Talk about some technology that you have started using fairly recently

Part 1

  1. Do you use any gadgets on a daily basis?

-Although I don’t consider myself an addict, I couldn’t properly function without my laptop and smartphone. All in all, we’re now experiencing the influence of the computer age that has made it impossible to ignore cutting-edge technologies.

  1. How much time do you spend using a computer at work or at home?

-Daily I spend roughly 4 to 6 hours working on the computer, either doing my home assignments or project work. However, it comes in handy for other extra-hour activities as well, such as watching YouTube, editing my new videos and podcasts, chatting with my friends, which takes up to 2 hours a day.

  1. Have you ever bought anything online?

-Yes, I frequently buy things online. This is mainly because I don’t have time to roam brick-and-mortar stores. I appreciate how fast and easy it is to order anything you can think of online. My last purchase like that was a new set of studio headphones for my boyfriend’s birthday.

  1. Has the Internet made your job/studies easier?

-Indeed, thanks to the Internet, my learning has become quicker and smoother. For one, I can easily access any necessary literature, articles without looking through all the library materials. Second, the Internet tools have made online collaboration with other students possible.

  1. Do you like working online or in the office?

-I actually see benefits in both. However, it is truly very convenient to stay in touch with colleagues anywhere I go. I just need a laptop and an Internet connection. This flexibility allows me to work everywhere – even in the airport or taxi.

Part 2

Talk about some technology that you have started using fairly recently. You should say:

    • What it is and what it does
    • How it makes life better or easier
    • How it is different from other similar technology

And say whether you think you will still be using it in ten years’ time or not, and why

I bought a bicycle two months ago from a shop near our house. At first, I thought of buying a large-sized bike. However, I wanted the other members of my family to use it too so I bought I medium-sized one.

My new bike is very helpful to me. My weekly routine includes going to work, the supermarket, and the park. These are short-distance destinations which I can get to without driving a car.

Life is a lot better now that I have a bike. For one thing, I am able to save money. I spend less money now on gas because I don’t have to use my car for short-distance trips. For another, I will also spend less money for car repair because my car’s lifespan will increase for infrequent use. Riding a bike is also a form of aerobic exercise which gives your heart and lungs a good workout. This protects people from diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, obesity, and arthritis.

A bicycle is different from other vehicles. First, it does not require fuel and therefore helps save the planet by reducing air pollutionSecond, finding a parking area is not a problem if you use a bicycle. Third, riding a bike is a form of exercise while driving other vehicles is just a sedentary activity.

I will still be using a bicycle in ten years’ time because the benefits are huge. I am able to save money since I don’t have to buy fuel. I am also able to maintain my good health. Lastly, I am able to get to my short-distance destinations conveniently.

Part 3

  1. Do you think people rely too much on technology today?

Well, in my opinion, travelling by train is the safest. So far, it is the means of transportation that I almost never heard of being in an accident. Since it has its own railway, it does not have much chance to come across with other vehicles that could collide with. I think most accidents that happen with trains are due to mechanical or technical issues which could be avoided if the system is being checked and monitored properly.

  1. What are some great inventions you know about?

Two great inventions that I know of are the wheel and telephone or cellphone. These inventions are so important in daily life that their absence can cause loss of human lives. For example, without the phone it would be very hard to report an accident immediately. Without wheeled motor vehicles it would be impossible to quickly rush victims of an accident to a hospital.

  1. Do you think that the advance of technology has improved standards of education in schools?

Advanced technology such the use of computers and the internet has improved the standards of education in schools. These technologies allow the students and teachers to find answers to their academic questions. For example, they can find the answers to their academic problems from other parts of the world through the internet when no available answers can be found in their locality.

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