the amount of time spent on exercise and sport should be increased in schools in order to tackle the problem of overweight children. do you think this is the best way to deal with the problem? what other solutions can you suggest?

Obesity is a major concern nowadays. It is often thought that the amount of time which students are involved in physical activities at


should be increased for ones who are not in shape.


essay will reflect whether


is the most effective method and what are other possible solutions.

The more hours spent on exercise, the higher your physical fitness. Expanding the number of hours in


leads to adaptation of the mentality from the very beginning of life.

For instance

, athletes start their journey within the


decade of their life.

As a result

, they are accustomed to training in their twenties and ready for competition.


behaviour could be taught at


as a life lesson.


, in my opinion, it is of utmost importance to commence sport activities with a high number of hours.

As for solutions, one can be the reduction of consuming fatty foods.


, parents, and the government can incentivize utilisation of healthy foods as opposed to snacks which are admittedly desirable and often preferred.


, the media can advertise the effects of exercise on health


as: reduced risk of development of dementia, diabetes, and high blood pressure.


, the government can establish public activities to fight obesity,

for example

: weekly marathons. All the mentioned factors would alleviate the probability of being overweight.

To sum up, everyone plays a crucial role in the battle with obesity in different ways as previously stated. I personally feel


contribute the most and increasing sport lessons is the prime manner for


vital battle.

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