The best way for employers to make their workforce happy is allow them more flexible working hours. To what extend do you agree? What other measures could be effective?

A large number of businessmen, who run resilient companies, care about their employees_ mood, atmosphere at


and continually consider different methods to make their ideal workplace. One of them is the possibility of greater flexibility in regard to working hours. While in my opinion,


is a common sense approach, there are other which could be equally or more successful.
On the one hand, flexible schedules provide employees with better health and increased


-life balance. While they do not have to juggle all of life demands all at once, they feel less stressed, have higher energy levels which in consequence allow them to take care of their physical and mental health.


, through flexible


polices jobholders may get bigger job satisfaction because they are giving more autonomy and freedom to decide about their daily routine which for a lot of people is the main factor of being fulfilled.

On the other hand



flexibility may not put a smile on every employees face since it can be difficult for them to maintain a clear delineation between


and home. It can be unrealistic for many workers to focus on tasks while sitting behind the dining table and there is a bigger chance of distraction.

For example

, some employees may take advantage of staying home and


watch Netflix with their email screen open.


, colleagues or employer may think it is acceptable to contact in any time and that can lead to disturbing precious family time with



That is

why employers should take other solutions under consideration to raise their workers_ spirits like promoting a positive


environment or offering more vacation time. Publicly acknowledging accomplishments, providing a group lunch or changing a title may be an effective way to make the team members contented. Rewarding the highest performers with incremental vacation days may be


a creative solution.
In conclusion,


flexitime guarantees a plethora of inestimable benefits,


may not be a good approach for everyone and other measures should be taken to make workers feel joyful.

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