The chart below shows the amount spent on six consumer goods in four European countries.

The bar chart illustrates the statistics of expenditure on six things in four European nations. The units have measured in thousand pounds sterling (TPS).

Overall, apparently, consumers spent a large sum of money on all the given six goods in Britain;


, it was the least in Germany.

Evidently, Britain spent the biggest amount to purchase photographic film, was more than 170 TPS, whereas,


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155 TPS was spent on tennis racquets and personal stereos.


, France was the


purchaser of the provided goods, where toys and CDs consumed the same amount nearly 157 TPS; it was alleviated with approximately 12 TPS for tennis racquets.

On the other hand

, the sold rate of toys was in the


rank in Italy with around 157 TPS, and it started fluctuating between other five products and reached 150 TPS for personal stereos.


, Germany was the lowest spending country, which bought tennis racquets fir 150 TPS,

in contrast

, photographic films and compact disks were sold at the cost of near about 146 TPS respectively.

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