The education you receive from your family is more important than the education you receive from the school. To what extent do you agree with this statement and why?

Nowadays learning has become an important asset to individuals. People learn from their surroundings through family members, friends, colleagues. These are important learning avenues. But, I agree that


from schooling is the most important.


essay shall discuss the idea and will justify my view.

To begin

with, children are supposed to get formal teaching which is provided through schooling. Because they are the entry points to a successful professional career like doctors, lawyers, and many more. Many jobs require basic qualifications in Maths and English whenever you apply. Without these, qualifications one could limit themselves from having a victorious career.

For example

, GRE, AIEEE, are based on both analytical and logical skills. Pupils will find it difficult to crack


exams if proper formal


is not pursued.

Apart from


, the other reason why children should get an


from the institution is, that place prepares us for many real-world challenges. The academy teaches us social skills and how to make and maintain outside relationships apart from family.


will help them in many different levels of their career.

For example

, teachers can help students to avoid unnecessary bullying and help to guide them a make better decisions. Families do teach us moral and traditional values. Pupils can succeed up to some extent without their parents but it is difficult to succeed in life without formal



To conclude. there are many beneficial forms of learning, but they are outweighed by the importance of school


as it gives better qualification and socializing opportunities which families cannot offer

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