The exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuel should be the most important global priority today. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

As recently the population around the world have increased significantly, the usage of nonrenewable sources of energy has tremendously increased during the past years which has caused many issues


as global warming.

As a result

, many suggest that governments should prioritize the development of the exploitation of alternative resources.

Due to the fact that crude oil was found in many countries by a large amount, it became accessible and affordable at the same time.


, for many years we have consumed fossil fuel for various purposes,

for example

, generating electricity for our cities, running our cars and even for our daily cookings. In the beginning, it wasn_




, as the population has increased, a rise in demand for petroleum has arisen.


appeared the


problem, its unrenewability characteristic. In another word,


source would not replenish as we use it and


, we will eventually dry out our oil wells which would definitely lead to an energy crisis afterwards.

In addition

, our current excessive usage of oil has caused a conundrum called global warming which was the direct effect of releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in the process of ignition of




its benefits have been questioned by many environmental activists these days.

As opposed to petroleum, renewable sources

for instance

geothermal, wind and solar energies, are not only far less detrimental to the environment but


as the name suggests, they_re infinite.

In other words

, we could provide a whole city with electricity without neither contributing to global warming nor worrying we would run out of it.


, unfortunately, we haven_


advanced enough to exploit these sources with high performance and currently, we need lots of researches in


area which would evidently cost governments with money and time which have been the main reason for countries to avoid



On the other hand

, as people become more aware of the situation, they_ve rapidly joined the trend to demand the governments to reprioritize their fundings.

In conclusion, due to the demerits that fossil fuel brings like an increase in the temperature of the earth, many have proposed to increase the utilization of renewable energies. In my opinion,


it would cost more for


course of action, I_m in favour of it and believe if we don_


act soon enough, by even assuming that there wouldn_


be an energy crisis, global warming certainly would cause an inevitable catastrophe.

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