The government is spending a lot of money to discover life on other planets. Some people think that government is wasting money and should spend more money addressing the problems of public. To what extend do you agree?

Technology has developed so rapidly that the human species has started considering the possibility of finding suitable planets for colonization in the future. In fact, people are now raising the question of whether the government is spending an unnecessary amount of money on space exploration and research rather than spending it to address the present problems of the public. Though I believe that it is essential to understand space and find signs of other


forms, I do not agree with the fact that it should be given more importance than the problems we have at hand right now.

To begin

with, in case of any cataclysmic event that leads to


on Earth being inhospitable, the human race needs a new place to survive.


, finding places that can sustain


, outside our own planet is necessary.


, searching for


forms on distant planets is not cheap. The equipment needed for detecting planets that are far off in the universe is quite expensive to build.


, whether or not Earth is the only rock in the vast universe with


is an age-old question that haunted humanity since ancient times.

For example

, it is still in question whether the Gods depicted in the murals of old civilizations are in fact aliens who might have been more technologically advanced than us.


, study and exploration of what_s beyond Earth is something crucial for human beings.


, spending too much money on what might be out there and less on something

that is

right in front is a bigger issue.


, we see that the world_s poverty rate has gone sky high over the




, security and well-being have become a concerning issue, especially in


world countries.


, the lack of education leads to unemployment; a major cause of poverty.

For instance

, while the world moves forward a fast phase due to technological advancements, people who are illiterate are finding it much more difficult to gain decent jobs that can support them and their families.


, with the points mentioned above, it_s quite clear that issues like poverty, lack of security and education should be more focused on when spending government funds.

To conclude, I think the government should give


priority to investing more into the problem faced by the people of a nation rather than finding extraterrestrial



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