The graph below shows the number of passenger railway journeys made in Great Britain between 1950s and 2004/5

The line graph compares the amount of passenger railway journeys made in the UK over a period of 55 years.

It is noticeable that the popularity of means of transport increased by the end of the period.
In 1950, national rail network and London Underground systems fluctuated significantly. In


decade the amount of people who used a National rail network reached a peak, while London Underground was falling from approximately 740 total to about 735 sum. Both systems exceeded the billion passenger journey mark, with the two decades seen the most noticeable witnessing soars.
The light railway and metro systems did not have significantly changed than the other two networks, but rose from approximately 0.1 much to about 0.8 total by the end of the period.
The most stunning aspect is that the journey numbers for the National railway Network fit into those in the London Underground, in one word I can say that it was a more practical essay I have ever done before. To be honest i copied all the words

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