The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in town and cities closing . Do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays online shopping is a new modern technology trend of purchasing goods


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because products are easily available at the doorstep with an effective range of prices as well as saves time in today_s busy working and health tiring environment. I completely agree with the statement that,the upsurge of online shopping will bring leads to close all the traditional bankrupt shops in the future of the town and cities.

To begin

with, online shopping gives people there demanding branded products at their home doors easily with a single click, indeed, to enhance their online productivity and popularity online sites weekly provide their consumers impressive discount offers which pester their shopping desires fulfilled, people get unique shopping experience.


, the customer gets the same product as less expensive than that of market value,

that is

why online shopping is impending great competition for the shops in the town and cities.


, online shopping is a time-saving technique in today_s technological era. To illustrate, shopping sites providing their clients


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he option “filter” which helps the purchaser to choose their item according to their choice of colour, brand, size, type and money with the full descriptive features of the item.

On the other hand

, payments, and shipment of the product has



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an easy task as a buyer can pay e-commerce or cash on delivery without wandering on the traffic crowded roads at various distances.

For instance

,amazon online shopping site gives their delivery with one to two days with effective e-payment and delivery method, which is easy for all age groups.

In conclusion, it is irrefutable that the revolution in shopping methodology increases the popularity of online shopping by offering their buyers; product availability of cost and time-efficient services which leads to the physical closure of the shops in the town and cities in the future.

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