The importance of biodiversity is being more widely recognized as increasing numbers of species come under threat. What can be done to maintain biodiversity?

The variety of animals and plants are crucial to maintaining the environment which is endangered in their lives.


, many measurements can be done to completely prevent these species from extinction. I will address in


essay two of the main solutions that can be done in terms of saving our nature.


of all, governments must regulate a law to ban aggressive actions against nature. extensive farming and overgrazing are perfect examples of these actions which contributed to soil erosion snd desertification. As consequence, our nature became less biodiversity which is caused detrimental impacts on a human. So authorities must take a step forward preserving the diversity of plants and animals by forcing farmers and businesses to act in a way that will not harm plants and animals.


, Another factor to consider is the awareness of the entire society. Campaigns must be held to increased the knowledge of the long-term effects that are caused by frequent actions


as strip mining and oil spills. If active users on social media began to illustrate the harmful effects of global warming and climate change

that is

associated with human behaviours against the environment, it will potentially decrease numerous activities that led to worse-life conditions. So, communities movements toward sustaining biodiversity are essential to help the variety of species.

In conclusion, improving the regulation in order to maintain the biodiversity

in addition

to establishing campaigns to rose societies attention. these solutions are devoted to ensuring better living conditions in the future.

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