The mass media, including television, radio and newspapers, have great influence in shaping people_s ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The mass




as television and the Internet, are believed to impact people_s thoughts. I strongly agree


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that radio and newspapers have a profound effect on shaping the audience_s ideas.




essay will discuss the significant role of the means of communication in the formation of individual perspectives towards politics, and


, it will analyze the way broadsheets, websites and magazines facilitate the spread of culture and lifestyle.

The main reason why digital and print


influence people_s behaviours and beliefs are tabloids and magazines have an effect on their decisions and believes about politics.


is because the audience will never meet prime ministers or presidents, but anyone who is regularly exposed to the websites and broadcast will have an opinion of them.

As a


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most of us have allowed them to mould our notions and opinions of events, places and people.

For example

,Korean Central Television carries news programmes, documentaries and other programmes praising Kim Jong-il and his father Kim Il-sun and lots of North Koreans have positive views about their government.

Another reason why the news is influential in the mind is audiences around the world displaying a common interest in music, clothing styles and films due to using the information in social



In other words

, advice in publishing affects to change of fashion trends and tastes.


, society_s views change depending on the news on the Internet, radio and newspaper. A popular figure


as Billie Eilish would never be so well known were it not for the web_s extensive reach into every society on the globe.

In conclusion, taking into account all written above, I am firmly convinced that the mass


_s influence is certainly great.


is due to the fact that the


impact to forming politic_s position and change trends in publics live .

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