The number of overweight children in developed countries is increasing. Some people think this is due to problems such as the growing number of fast food outlets. Others believe that parents are to blame for not looking after their children_s health. To what extent do you agree with these views?

Recently, the phenomena of increasing the level of obesity in children in developed countries have become highly disputatious. Supporters validate that it may be due to increase in the availability of fast



On the other hand

, opponents proclaim that the parents have to be blamed; due to ignoring their kids. I should mention both points of view for you to judge, shouldn_t I?
Not only makes people think that overweight children is due to a significant rise in the number of fast


restaurants, but


because of the parents. If the parents are not keen to feed their children homemade


at lunch,


he will mainly depend on quick


, which is found in the street.

For example

, if his mother didn_t offer healthy


for lunch


as vegetables,


obesity will spread in the family like cancer!! Blame should be bombarded towards the parents.
Viewing the other side of the coin, I think that escalating in the percentage of overweight children is because of the decrease in the sports_ time. When the child stop practicing sports,


automatically leads to decrease his rate of metabolism, which will lead to unhealthy obesity. They usually burn fat during the training,

however after

Accept comma addition
however, after

cutting of


habit will lead to a sudden change in eating habits.

For example

, exercising for thirty minutes burn around two hundred calories, which is almost equivalent to get rid of a burger_s fats. To cut it short, there are lots of factors, which is controlled by the kid that need to be taken into consideration.
All in a nutshell, despite the fact that some people state that


is due myriads of fast


being eaten per week, others claimed that it_s due to parents, who don_t take care of their kids.


I moderately agree with these ideas, I think that quitting a specific sport is the bedrock of it.


, I genuinely believe that eating healthy


at home is essential.

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