The personal information of many individuals is held by large internet companies and organizations. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, technology is common in the world. humans upload their personal details on international, so our personal details are kept in many establishments. I believe that the benefits are more outstanding than the drawbacks. Because we can access the files easily.

Talk about the drawbacks,


, the most important is hacking. In the current technology world, shopping


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online becomes common. Most


like to save their credit card detail on online shops, which is easy to let the hacker copy identical info.




maintain personal detail on social media. Nowadays, we all create many different social media accounts,


as Facebook, Twitter or Integrant, and we like to update any news from us;


many cheaters use


’s information to earn money.

For example

, a few years ago, I had received a message and the profile was looks like my friend,


that guy talks to me and pretends he is my friend and ask me to help her buy the gift card.

On the other hand



save information onto iCloud. Recently,


use applications which are mobiles, laptops to access iCloud.

For example

, if we upload the info to iCloud and we can work everywhere, anytime.




use the website for learning.

For example

, one of my friends, she’s work is busy but she wants to improve her English, so she used the internet to study the language.

In the consult,


we still have some drawbacks, the benefit is more convenient for us. Most online companies are developing their security to let us feel more safety to enjoy using online.

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