the pie charts below give information about world population in 1900 and 2000

The two pie charts illustrate dramatic changes in the population of different areas of the world between 1900 and 2000.
Overall, the pie charts represent a tremendous increase of the world_s population. Asian region was the most populated while the smallest number of people lived in Africa.
In details, the ratio of Asian and European regions declined over the century. Europe_s ratio dropped from 25% to 14%, while Asia declined from 60% to 54%.
From 1900 to 2000, the percentage of people living in Africa more than doubled since 4.5% to 10%, while Latin America_s proportion almost tripled in the same period. North America_s percentage,


, remained constant at 5% in 1900 and 2000. The Middle East and North Africa, a new category in 2000, represented 6% of world population.

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