The pie charts below illustrate the number of journal articles read per week by all students, PhD students, and junior lecturers at an Australian university.

These data sources clearly communicate how many journal articles read weekly by all students, PhD students and junior lecturers at a university in Australia.
Overall, what stands out from the data is that the students studying doctorates read at least 12 articles per week, more than all students and junior students.
Looking the chart with more details, the vast majority (75%) of undergraduates reads 1 to 4 articles per week, compared to all students in


category were slightly lower, being 65%.

In addition

, between 5 and 10 articles read by undergraduates, while the figure for all students was higher 3%. For the


category, fewer PhD students spend 1 to 4 hours on reading than two remaining categories, with the figure standing at 5% and 18% respectively.
Meanwhile, around 77% PhD students spending 11 hours or more at an Australian university, whereas there were only 5% and around 12% the number of undergraduates and all students use


time for reading articles.

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