The two maps illustrate the changes of a school campus from 1985 to 2012

The maps depict the alterations of a campus layout between 1985 and 2012.

It is clear that the changes involved the addition of new classrooms and trees. The significant transformation was made to suit the growth in student number.

To begin

with, in 1985, there were 1500 pupils attending the school. The Southern area was nearly fully covered by a playing field. The library and the office building were located in the northeast of the campus. There were two parking areas, the larger one was in the North and the other was


to the library.


, the school had only a two-storey classroom block situated in the west.

After the innovation, the total number of students went up by 800 students in 2012. The playing field was narrowed to make way for sport facilities


as a fitness club and swimming pool.


, the smaller car park was demolished to grow trees and the remaining was reconstructed to a new one with semicircle shape. The library has been altered by a computer room, whereas no change has been made to the office building. To put the icing on the cake, one storey was added to the original classroom block, and more classrooms have been built to accommodate a larger quantity of students.

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