The values learned from parents and family have a grater influence on the future success than the knowledge and skills learned from the school. To what extent do you agree or disagree

It is true that home is the


place where children can learn certain values about life which may help them to succeed in the future, while some believe that the knowledge and skills gained from the institution has more impact on their success. I agree with


view, since it helps children to become more social and


can learn from different subjects, which was taught in the class.

While there are a number of reasons why I feel schools has more influence on children_s future success, the major argument would be that children get a chance to interact with others and


will not only help them to gain confidence while talking but


help them to be social person. Admittedly, there are many activities happening in the school campus, and participating in


activities helps them to become more extrovert and eventually they can easily communicate with anyone in their forthcoming.

Yet another point is that they have regular classes on different subjects based on the curriculum which can help them to get the basic knowledge on different areas


as history, arts, politics and many more. These classes may equip them with the basic understanding, which will help them in performing the job in their workplace.


, in academy students can learn about the moral values as there are fixed lessons in every standard, which support them with basic values.

To sum up, I feel that learning in school has more influence in the future success of any children as they can learn the social etiquette along with the basic knowledge.

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