The ways people interact with each other have been changing dramatically for the past thirty years because of text messaging. In what ways has text messaging affected the types of interactions people have? Has this become a positive or negative development?

Text messaging has completely changed the way of communication between


for the


three decades.


fact caused some significant changes in the ways


interact nowadays,


as increasing the


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interactions and decreasing face to face meetings. In my opinion, it has more advantages due to the convenience to



There is a significant difference in how


communicate with each other now compared to the past. The number of live talks is reduced drastically because the need in appointing meetings becomes unnecessary with the appearance of the Internet and the email boxes.

For example

, almost all business connections are going through emails or companies_ text chats in the present days.


, it is easier not to lose contact with a person due to some circumstances which might lead to moving to another country or city.


, a possibility to send a message to any point of the world erases the borders.

I believe that the way how communication among


changed has a positive impact on our lives.

In other words

, it is more convenient to leave a message without bothering someone and receive a response later when it will be appropriate to the other person.

For instance

, if I do not know for sure whether the person is free at that moment, I prefer to text in order to avoid the situation which might disturb them.


, you have


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possibility to check everything you have written before and,

as a result

, to deal with some situations more easily.

In conclusion, in spite of the fact that the level of interaction between


is absolutely different than it was before, I think that it brings more positive aspects to


_s lives.

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