There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the International music that is heard everywhere nowadays? Use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.


is a mind soothing charisma. It is an art through which we share our


, feelings, and often expressions. The imagination of a life without


is almost impractical,


making it an essential commodity in our daily life. Interestingly,


amazing branch of art comprises different genres of sound, ranging from traditional to international melodies.



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is divided into different sub-categories, yet its importance has never derailed off the track in our societies. Melodies are often needed in the time of celebrating joyous occasions, for relaxation purpose, expression of thoughts, and



For instance

, people use different chords in the hours of physical distress and emotional pain, as listening to


tunes can sway one_s mind to a state of comfort and relief. Namely, the Beethoven symphonies have been found essential in providing calming effects through their unique tunes.


, due to its tantamount essence in our world, whenever celebrations or joyous festivities occur, celebratory anthems are played to express our


and feelings.

For example

, at wedding functions, people use


to enrich their moments of happiness.

Interestingly, traditional


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music melody

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is considered more important than international


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music singing

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by any society. The main reason behind


phenomenon is that cultural


defines and expresses heritage belonging. It represents the essence of one_s culture and the significance of ancestral s.

For instance

, inhabitants of Kalash valley perform a dance on the nights of Chillam Joshi (a festival where they pray for their ancestors) where they sing and enchant their religious anthems. If traditional melody loses its popularity it can lead to loss of identity for culture.


is due to the fact the younger cohorts seem to embrace international rap especially in developing countries, should


trend continue the younger peer group may miss out on the information passed by the older age group, conveyed through the traditional soul. A vivid example is a popular piece titled _Jerusalem_ by a South-African artist which is now widely admissible by the younger generation in virtually every African nation.

In conclusion, the importance of


cannot be neglected in our daily lives, as it depicts


and feelings in a natural way.


, despite international


is heard everywhere, folk


has its own persona which cannot be undermined and lost in our societies.

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