There aren_t many houses to accommodate people so it has several social consequences. Only the government can solve this problem. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

The shortage of housing has impacted society adversely. As far as


thorny problem is concerned, some people claim that only with the help of government, we would be able to resolve the housing crisis. From my perspective, I completely agree with the statement and ideas with my own opinion will be


discussed and elaborated in the following paragraph.
As overpopulation became the major issue in many cities, there are no sufficient houses for shelter.


, it is essential to introduce the new homes zone and the government is the only one who have


the authority

and capacity to do so. Unlocking land for housing development as well as empowering the local council to plan together. Combining with infrastructure


as building rails, roads, or hospitals that would benefit the overall value of the new area. To illustrate,

Taoyuan redevelopment project

the Taoyuan redevelopment project

is a well-known example, with the construction of the transport hub between high speed rail and the international airport. Many new residential plans are made and people are expecting the immense economy and job opportunities it might bring in the near future.
Meanwhile, another possible measure worth mentioning is undermining the power of investors. The globalization and free trade agreement allow the foreign capitals to influx



different countries with ease that engendering the high price of housing market.

As a result

, many young generations are unable to afford its exorbitant price and struggling with the rent in their entire life.

For instance

, New Zealand has announced the new regulation of purchasing property. People without the eligibility of resident are restrained to invest a property there in order to control the increasing price of


the house

and stabilized the whole housing market.
Certainly, some people may oppose the suggestions I mentioned above.


, as an individual cannot tackle


complex problem on our own, we will have to depend on the government by taking proper solutions.

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