These days many countries face excessive traffic. Describe the situation in your country? Describe some possible ways to overcome traffic congestion.

In the cutting edge era, a significant proportion of road traffic is experienced in developed nations due to the advancement in the technology field. In my country,


condition leads to many detrimental consequences on the


of individuals as well as greenhouse gases which are the major cause of global warming.


essay will intend to illustrate the situation in


and provides some solution to alleviate



To commence with, there are some negative outcomes which are witnessed in my developing country due to the congestion of traffic on the highways. The most predominant is the respiratory


hazards are faced by a majority of multitudes. To explain it, advanced modes of transport emit harmful fumes which are inhaled and contribute to fatal diseases as these prohibit the holistic development of youngers.

For instance

, a recent survey was conducted by the World


Organisation revealed that 50% of the young generation are suffering from asthma owing to the progress of vehicles in


. To cope with


, legal authorities should be imposed strict laws restricting the percentage of automobiles on the roads.


, when motor vehicles are used on the roads and they have emitted fumes which are being escalated the temperature in



In other words

, the rise of temperature leads to terrible effects on the ecosystem and it is the cause of the extinction of many mammals species and


makes it impossible for humans to live on the earth.

For example

, a headline of the famous channel


News found that a primary cause of global warming is the unpredictable growth vehicles in urban areas. To solve


issue, the government must spend funds on the media which makes awareness among the Indian people by telling them about the advantages of car polling.

In conclusion, the increasing percentage of traffic congestion on the roads leads to catastrophic results as it may have an adverse effect on all population_s


and administrative authorities put efforts to ameliorate



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