Today more people are overweight than ever before. What in your opinion are the primary causes of this? What are the main effects of this epidemic?

Nowadays the numbers of overweight people are constantly increasing. There are many major reasons and its side effects on public




outbreak, which we will discuss about in



Primary causes of obesity are unhealthy eating habits and inactive lifestyle. We have seen people have bad habits of eating junk, fast food and sometimes


food too, which


, affects public well-being.

For example

-A research study conducted in USA at Florida that the major cause of overweight is excess consumption of calories through Junk food.


, inactive lifestyle and lack of exercise in daily routine are


vital factors of obesity. The question arises why people are getting lazy and hardly care about their


? Actually, with the passage of time, indoor games have taken place of indoor games through mobile and computer technology and results in laziness.

But, it has many adverse effects on public


like diabetes, High blood pressure, and thyroid and so on.


, it worsens the metabolism, which reduces the capacity and productivity of the public.

For Instance

– A random sample taken from a district in India by AIMR (All India Medical Resources), reports suggested that life expectancy of people having unhealthy eating habits is quite less than people have balance diet.

In addition

, People addicted to alcohol and smoking along with unhealthy altered diet cause stress and hypertension several times, which not only affects work efficiency but


impact social life.

To sum up, we can conclude that no of people with overweight and size are increasing due to excess consumption of calories and unsaturated fat which cause severe major issues related to


. If urgent and prompt actions are taken,


it could worsen the situation than ever.

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