Today much of the food people eat gets transported from farms that are thousands of miles away. Some people believe it would be better for the environment and the economy if people only consumed food produced by local farmers. Would the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Globalization has turned the world into a global village. Due to


, even food eaten by humans is sourced internationally. In the viewpoint, of some people, local provisions would be beneficial to the environment, as well as the economy, while others are of diverse opinion.


essay will analyse the upsides and downsides of buying local edibles only, and provide a logical conclusion.

There are twofold benefits to buying produce locally.


, purchasing local produce can prevent significant air pollution and reduce global warming.

For instance

, today, food is transported long distances, through different modes of transportation


as lorries, trucks and trains, which release harmful gases into the atmosphere through combustion of fossil fuels.


, if the export of groceries is stopped, the ill effects of


on the environment as well as living beings can be prevented.

In addition



, gaining provisions for native farmers, would make them profitable, which can be beneficial for the nation_s economy. To cite an example, a survey conducted in 2015 in India, showed that if the peasant_s income grew by 5% annually, it would benefit the country by 3%.


, there are drawbacks to the


. Many nations today solely depends on other republics for ingredients. The exporting regions, have millions of acres of land, covered with crops, that are merely for the purpose of selling to other nations, which provides employment to numerous people including farmers, farmworkers, drivers, and others.

For example

, 60% of India_s produce is imported from different nations and


sector provides jobs for 20% of India_s population.


, if the exportation of provisions stop, millions of workers will end up unemployed.


, society now, has become dependent on foreign spices to enjoy their authentic, favourite meals. They would no longer be able to


, if the transport of food ceases. To illustrate


, many authentic cuisine restaurants, will end up shutting down, if certain edible items are not available.

To conclude, the negative sides of only purchasing native goods, if far more destructive than, its perks. Even though, it has certain good impacts on the farmers and the environment, the effects on the employment industry are too detrimental.


, we can say the advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages, in



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