Travelling in group with a tour guide is the best way to travel.Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is a common belief that going on a journey in the group along with a tour guide is the best method. The tour guide is trained for leading the tourists and they have common and in-depth knowledge about the regions that are visited. While I subscribe to the given point of view, I would argue that travelling on our own has its benefits.

On the one side, the itineraries will be ensured while visiting places with a tour guide. As your visit will be meticulously arranged and guaranteed, hardly will any problems occur whilst travelling there. The accommodations, restaurant, heritage, tourist attractions will be scheduled and followed which might optimise the journey and deliver satisfied sensations to their clients. With regard to the troubles, it may be inconvenient and troublesome for both sides as some travellers can not stand following schedules.

On the other side, people will get more freedom when visiting places by themselves. Some tourists take avid interests in ascertain new areas as they are unpredictable and it is impractical to comprehend what is ongoing or upcoming. They just pay a visit to a side-road food stand, middle-class motel and being pleasurable for not getting constrained.


, in regard to the plausible problems, they might lose touch with their families, relatives or even worse, get lost or significantly injured, which is the least wanted thing for freelance travellers.

In a nutshell, each type of travelling has its own pros and cons. They are equivalently significant in tourism and the travellers_ favouritism should be taken into account.

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